Invalid seed & Discovery Error

There is a similar post - March 22, but no solution, and I have the same problem!
New to Trezor. Its a Trezor 1. I have the 24 words for the seed. Did a dry run to check seed. Got “invalid” on Trezor. Entered words again, as instructed by the Trezor. Same result, “invalid”. Presuming I had made a mistake writing the words down I did a Trezor hard reset . With my new 24 words for the seed I did a dry run to check - again “invalid”. Did it once more. Again “invalid” Trying to find the problem online I see the words requested by the Trezor are in random order. The Trezor is requesting mine, 1,2,3,4,etc, in order. On loading the Trezor suite I’m also getting a Discovery Error: Accounts were not loaded properly
Bitcoin: All backends are down. Hoping someone can help. :slight_smile:

Do you have a vpn or tor running? Try to switch them off if so…also do you have suite with the latest firmware?

The seed recovery words must be placed in the given order 1 to 24 (the order given when initializing the device for the first time)

Thank for the reply. Don’t have a vpn or Tor running. I do have Tiny Wall firewall, which is set to allow only chrome and Trezor suite. I downloaded the latest software onto the Trezor last week - after I did a reset. Thanks for verifying the order of the seed recovery words - that is the order I was doing - as instructed by the Trezor. Any other ideas???

Problem sorted! For anyone else using Tiny Wall firewall, the issue was there. I needed to allow 2 applications, not just the Trezorsuite.exe file.

@Trev Great stuff.

Glad you solved it and thanks for sharing

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