I'm sending my first ETH transaction out of my wallet to an exchange but it's stuck

I sent this a while ago but it hasn’t even confirmed the block. Usually ETH transactions take a lot less time for me when I was using a Ledger.

Do I need to bump the gas? If so, how do I know what I need to bump it to?


Update: I tried bumping but as many other users have reported, the Trezor incorrectly tells me “Not enough funds” when I have plenty of funds. Why does this not work correctly? Also, if it is a gas price issue, why does “Normal” when making a transaction not account for this? Seems very clunky.

It is happening for 2 transactions now,


This is incredibly frustrating as a first experience using my new device. I have already filled out the support form but do not wish to wait days to get this resolved. Please let me know ASAP what I must do (and kindly answer the questions I asked).

I know I can connect to a Metamask wallet to cancel the transactions, but I have not set up one up yet and would prefer a better solution. Thank you.

There is no other solution, you have multiple transactions stuck so bump fee will not work, please follow the video:

OK then I will try this, but bump fee already did not work - it said i had no funds when I did… Also, if you are from Trezor, can you please answer for me:

  1. Why did this happen? With Ledger it automatically calculated the correct gas so it would never get stuck. What is the purpose of the “Normal” tab when selecting gas if it does not do this, please?

  2. For the second transaction, I calculated correct gas by going on those websites to see what average gas currently was. I set it as this and it still got stuck. Could you kindly tell me why? Else it will just happen again,

Thanks for your help.

This happens because your second transaction is queued behind the first one. There it stops. It’s like when a car in front of you stops on a narrow road and you can’t pass it.

So you first have to cancel the first transaction for the second to pass through.

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