If you lose your Trezor but have your seedphrase, how do you recover any hidden wallets?

  1. Say you lose your Trezor device but have your recovery seed and passphrase.

How do you recover any hidden wallets? You just need your recovery seed and hidden wallet passphrase?

  1. Do you have to buy another Trezor to access the hidden wallet from your lost device or can you use any generic wallet to recover the hidden wallet?

  2. Are hidden wallets a feature that is unique to Trezor?

  1. Does a hidden wallet have its own recovery seed separate from the standard wallet recovery seed or are they the same?

Import the seed into a compatible wallet.
Any BIP39 compatible wallet.


No, even though if I am not mistaken it was the trezor team who co-authored this BIP.

Lets say that when you add a Paspphrase it creates a totally new wallet.

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