If I exchange Eth for USDT within my trezor suite, where does the USDT go to?

If I confirm a transaction to exchange ETH for USDT within the trezor suit, will the USDT be automatically deposited in my wallet??? I don’t currently have any USDT, or USDT account set up in my wallet. Or, do I have to set something up first in order for the USDT to be in my wallet. I understand how to exchange, but am to nervous to confirm transaction because I don’t understand this completely.

I’m answering my own question here…I did a test run of .01 eth to USDT within trezor suite. You got to go through at least 7-8 steps to make it happen, and it isn’t cheap. It cost about $300 to send exchange $240. Lesson learned, f eth. But, basically a usdt address was automatically made and when I made the exchange from eth to usdt and went back to look at my accounts in the suite, I saw where the usdt went into my ethereum acct and I could access it by clicking on the tokens link in my ethereum acct. I hope this helps someone.


Thanks for answering your own question :slight_smile:
So, is your ETH and USDT address the same actual address?
Also, was the $300 gas or was it gas and the exchange spread?

I did same thing and today I see nothing on tokens section. It lost suddenly. I regret using Trezor and it is offered exchange for this reason.

Still trying to find solution if I can gather tether tokens that goes ghost.