Ideas, Wishes, NEEDED new features

I am using my T1 for over two years by now and I still think it is the best HW out there. Still there are some things / features missing, which are only archivable with third party tools and that’s cannot be the right way.

I see, that Trezor Suite is targeted for beginners, but there should be some more options and menus for people needing more function to activate, so the appearance changes.

Here are some of the features I am missing daily:

  • Coincontrol when sending

  • Coincontrol for tax purposes with a list of all the addresses and coins and the last time those funds were moved

  • BTC signing for messages

  • ETH signing for messages

  • App functionality!!! With the actual setup Trezor users are forced to use metamask or something similar to gain access to dapps

  • Direct Dex integration. Have a look @ how metamasks swap feature works. Something along these lines, completely trust free and with the best rates from different den compared

  • I am sure I missed something, but those are the things I personally, but I guess a lot more people do, need the most. Some I see on the project list, some not. Please have a look, speak with the devs and implement more professional features and not only “ease of use”.

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Hi @BastianMatt
Thank you very much for your feedback and your valuable suggestions.
I will forward it to our product team.

However, we plan to implement some of these features in the near future:
You can check Trezor Suite roadmap.