I want a new seedphrase

I have lost one of my seedphrase backups and would like to generate new seed phase using my trezor.

I have most of my funds in smallcap projects in Defi, which are associated to one of my ETH Accounts in my trezor.


  1. is it possible to transfer account addresses instead of tokens. Since some of my funds are tied to my eth account, im struggling to understand how i can move these funds to a new wallet.

Hi @Nos2250X

It is not.

All wallets that support BIP39 cryptocurrency standard and the accounts and addresses that these wallets contain are derived from the recovery seed (very simplified).

Thus the only way how to transfer the funds to the address that is derived from the different recovery seed (master binary seed) is to transfer the actual tokens to that newly generated address (by doing regular transaction and paying mining fees).

More info in the following link:

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