I used my Ronin seed phrase to set up my Trezor T model

Hi, I just got my new Trezor T wallet and I’m just wondering if what is the impact of what I did. First, when I setup my trezor, there was an option if I’m going to create my wallet or I would just recover my old wallet if I have one.

So what I did here is that, I chose the second option which is to recover an old wallet (ronin wallet) instead of createing a new one from trezor and used my ronin seed phrase to set up my hardware wallet. Nothing really happened after doing it. Please advise. Im not good at this. Thank you for this healthy community.

Hi @revenix,

You should not use a seed that’s used elsewhere, since it’s a security risk. Also, Trezor seed and Ronin seed are two different things, but I guess you’ve figured that out already. What you need to do is setup your Trezor again from the beginning.

Start with moving all/any coins & tokens you have on your Trezor to an outside account (other hardware wallet, software wallet, or online custody wallet), then Connect your device in Bootloader mode, go to https://wallet.trezor.io/ and proceed to Factory reset (see picture below).

After you’ve written down the private seed during the Backup routine and made a new wallet on your Trezor, move any coins & tokens back to your Trezor’s Receive addresses.

Also see the videos here: