I transferred ETH into my Trezor, but cannot find the ETH in my Trezor Suite

in 2017 I transferred ETH from Gemini to my new Trezor wallet. Today, I downloaded Trezor Suite desktop app and don’t see any ETH in Trezor Suite. Please help me find the ETH

If there is no eth in your standard wallet and no transfer records, then you should be using a hidden wallet at that time.

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Are you able to see the address (where you have previously sent your ETH to) in the wallet you are accessing, also is there any transaction history?

If not, you are using different combination of recovery seed and passphrase than you did when you created the address you are trying to access in the first place (thus you are accessing different wallet).

Imagine recovery seed altogether with unique passphrase as some sort of magic formula that always let you access the same wallet. If one of them differs it will lead you to different wallet (with different addresses, which is most probably your case as well),

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