I sent BTC to myself by mistake. Where did it go?

Hi I sent BTC from my Trezor Wallet to myself at the same address by mistake. Where did the BTC go? and how can I get it back?
Thanks in advanced…

my wallet address on blockexplorer shows the correct balance but on Trezor it doesn’t show the money I sent to myself on the trezor wallet is this a bug?
Can someone help from your company? there is no other means of support other than this forum

can you please provide transaction ID?

Technically, if you sent it from one address to the same address you will just spend the fee and nothing will change. Or do you not see any history and balance in Suite? Balance should get updated soon.

Are you in the correct wallet in Suite (as in, do you see the correct BTC address).

Thank you Forgi. The money took a day (less than a day ) and now it’s back in the wallet. So no worries should this happen to anyone else. It will be back in the wallet in less than 24 hours.