I sent btc from my trezor to an external wallet and did not arrive

I sent btc from my trezor to a bit2me wallet and they didn’t arrive yet, a week ago. The txid is 8684b4d0a8a69db5568b430e89749760f8427d8ffc4ecfbedca958897020c2. I await your help

Hii @Kurt2016

That is not a valid tx id.

You can look it up on block explorer like blockchair.com or mempool.space

Or here https://btc1.trezor.io/ which is a trezor block explorer.

8684b4d0a8a69db5568b43ed0e8974976027f84d8ffc4ecfbedca958897020c2 thank you


I don’t understand what is your question, you signed a tx with your trezor to an external address.

That tx has over 3000 confirmations. So all went well.

Maybe you should verify your receive address and contact bit2me

Good luck

contact, bit2me support, you will need a valid transaction ID.

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