I sent an ERC-721 NFT to my Trezor ERC-20 address and now can't access it

I made a mistake of transferring my ERC-721 NFT from one of my metamask walles to my main Trezor ERC-20 address. I can see on Etherscan that the NFT was transferred successfully, but there’s no way for me to view it on my Trezor.

I tried to connect my Trezor to a new Metamask wallet using my computer, but then it made me create a passphrase for a new hidden wallet on my Trezor (which was not activated before). The hidden wallet now has a different address from the one I used to receive the NFT mentioned above.

Any idea on how I can retrieve the NFT that was sent to my main Trezor ERC-20 address, please?

Thanks a lot

Hi @yazyaz

You won’t be able to access your NFTs in Trezor Suite interface however your tokens can be accessed when you connect your Trezor with MetaMask as you mentioned.

If the address where you have sent your tokens was created in a Standard (not passphrase protected) wallet, then when connecting to a third party wallet simply leave the passphrase bar empty and hit enter (as shown on the picture below:


Once you will connect to the desired address then you have to import the token.
In order to do so go to: Import Tokens → Custom Token.

As Token Contract Address insert the NFT’s contract address (can be found by using etherescan in the tab Erc721 Tokens Txns),
As Token Decimal insert 0

Remember, you can use MetaMask only for accessing ERC-721 tokens. If you’d like to send them, you will have to connect your MetaMask (paired with Trezor) to some dApp such as Opensea.

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