I need to download the Android app directly from Trezor, without Google play

I do not wish to be a google play customer, even for free. I will sign and agree to nothing with this dreadful company.
But I still want to be able to use my Trezor key, without being forced into business with an evil and censoring uber-company.
Can some kind soul help, with an official, safe link ?

Hi @Meatball,

currently, Trezor Suite Lite can be downloaded only from Google Play for Android and from App Store for iOS.

However, the possibility to download the app from different sources is in our backlog and it will be available soon.

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The only other way I currently know of is not very safe : this file is available through apkpure.
It could be safe if I knew the checksum for the current apk.
But I couldn’t find it.

Please, wait for the official alternative way to download Trezor Suite Lite. It should be available soon.