I input my trezor seed phrase upon logging in to ronin in new device

I have been using my ronin wallet (connected to my trezor) with several accounts in it for quite sometime now. Upon logging in to my ronin wallet extension on google chrome, since I was using a new laptop, it asked for a seed phrase and password. I input my trezor seed phrase, instead of my ronin seed. I was also asked if i wanted to replicate my accounts from trezor, and I agreed (because I wanted to have access to my old accounts, I think I misunderstood this part). Now, ronin has created the same accounts (addresses) that’s inside my trezor. I actually forgot that I have a ronin seed phrase, that I supposedly have to use in logging in to ronin, instead of my trezor seed.
My question is: Is my trezor compromised? Since I input my trezor seed to ronin wallet? If so, do I have to generate a new seed phrase?

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