I haven't changed my passphase, but my address seems to change from what I have before

I created ronin wallet which connects to my trezor. At first, everything seems fine. But, my 50 address in the trezor changed and now I cannot do anything with my old address. I haven’t changed any passphrases since the creation of the wallet. Do you know any cause of this and how I will be able to retrieve my money in there?

Hi @Arterities, if you no longer see your old addresses, it means you are in a different wallet. That is caused either by having a different seed in Trezor (have you recovered your wallet with a seed recently?), or by typing a different passphrase. From our experience, wrong passphrase is usually the root cause.
If you use passphrase, please try the following:

  1. Please check all possible variations for the possible typo (A passphrase’s length can be 50 characters max, it is case-sensitive and all ASCII characters count - even an empty space is a character)
  2. Make sure that you have set the correct keyboard layout
  3. When typing the passphrase please click on “Show passphrase” so you can see what you’re actually typing