I haven’t received any confirmation email and my package was already sent

2 days back I ordered Trezor but haven’t received any email confirmation and also according to Trezor website my package was already sent and I should receive it soon. I checked the spam folder (no email there). According to my bank money was sent. Any idea what might be going on? I might have mistyped my email - tried to contact the support but no answer yet. :slight_smile:

Hi @h0nzas,

Please see this post. There’s also a link to a support form you can submit in that post:

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Hello @Petosiris
thanks for you answer! I appreciate it. :slight_smile:
I already tried to contact the support via the same form but haven’t received answer yet. I also haven’t received and confirmation mail, no tracking ID etc. :frowning:

Please post your ticket ID (can be found in the subject line of the email you received after posting the form) from your support request here, so Community support can see it and match your ticket with this forum thread.

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Sure, the ticket ID is: 99761

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