I have an old Trezor one and the trezor wallets cannot find the device when connected

Hi. I have not used this trezor in 3 years and I think the firmware is very outdated. I can see the trezor turn on when plugged in but it only stays on the padlock and theres no device detected on the website or the application. Please help, thank you.

Hi @snackcheck,

Yes, you should update the firmware in your Trezor. Try connecting to the old website wallet at https://old-wallet.trezor.io/.

Also, please update your Trezor Bridge software after updating the Firmware.

There’s also a new wallet software, called Trezor Suite. You can etiher use Trezor Suite’s website version or download and use the desktop version of Trezor Suite. Trezor Suite is the future Trezor wallet and the old web wallets will eventually be replaced by Trezor Suite.

Thank you for your quick reply. I have tried to enter to bootleg mode to update the firmware by pressing both buttons when connecting the trezor one. Instead of getting the bootleg I got the Serial No. and a “Loader 1.3.1”. Any idea?

No idea why that happens. Are you sure you press and hold both buttons, while you connect the USB cable to the device? (I know, it can be hard to do all that with only two hands. :slight_smile:)

Also, use the web wallet instead of Trezor Suite if you’re stuck in Bootloader mode.

haha yes its not easy to press both buttons but I’m doing it… also using the old wallet but it does not detect the advice. Possible the 1.3.1 version is too far back for this kind of thing?

Try the newer web wallet at https://wallet.trezor.io/#/?
Please also update Firmware one version at a time, until you reach the newest version. Don’t go directly to the newest one.

How can I update the device if I cannot go into bootloader mode?

Very true. :smiley: I just wanted to tell you ahead about updating Firmware, in case you happened to get into Bootloader mode.

About that - Trezor Suite will autodetect that your Firmware needs to be updated. You may try that too.


In addition to the things I mentioned above, here’s a checklist:

  • Check that you hear a mechanical click sound when you plug in the USB cable.
  • Try another USB port on the PC, preferrably one that’s not on a USB hub.
  • If you use a USB hub, make sure it’s powered.
  • If you use another USB cable than the one that came with your Trezor, check that this cable can transfer data and isn’t just a charging cable.
  • When you connect your Trezor, listen for the confirmation sound from Windows.
  • Check that you have the latest version of Trezor Bridge installed.
  • Check Trezor Bridge Status, available from
  • Check that no other programs are using the same port address (21325) as Trezor Bridge.
  • Check with Task Manager that process “trezord” runs in your PC.
  • Clear your browser cache.
  • Check that any browser plugins don’t interfere with Trezor Bridge. Most importantly, any ad blocker and script blocker.
  • Use only one browser tab at a time with Trezor.
  • Try another browser - preferrably newly installed, without any plugins or extentions added. Try with both supported browsers; Chrome and Firefox in incognito/privacy mode.
  • If you are using a VPN or some cryptocurrency apps such as Geth or MetaMask, please try to disable them. It is possible that some of these are clashing with Trezor Wallet or Suite.
  • If it’s been a long time since you restarted your PC, try that.
  • Update your Windows with the last fixes.
  • Run an anti-virus scanner and see if there’s any malware on your PC. Also, clean up your PC with a suited program for removing trackers and cleaning your Registry.
  • Run the PC with as few other programs possible running at the same time.
  • Try your device on another PC, if possible.