I have a new trezor as my nano ledger melted but I cannot find the metamask wallet I had saved in the list when trying to add it to the trezor

Hi guys
I had a metamask wallet on a nano ldeger which I used the metamask 12 word seed for the ledger seed.
The ledger melted and so I bought a new Trezor. I have tried to add the metamask wallet to the new trezor but the wallet address is not on the list of available wallets to add to Trezor i cannot find it anywhere. can you help me please

Hi, Ledger uses different derivation path for ETH.

So you can connect via MyCrypto, select Ledger path and you will find your coins there, then you can send them to your Trezor ETH path address.

note that you’ll need to disable “Safety Checks” via Suite for this to work – there is an open issue to allow legacy Ledger paths, but it’s only going to be fixed in the next firmware release.