I exchanged my Bitcoin to ETH in Trezor Suite 3 days ago - didnt receive it but Bitcoin transaction is confirmed!


I exchanged my Bitcoin to ETH in Trezor Suite, it’s been almost 3 days now and didn’t receive it or can’t find it!

Someone help me pls!

Is there any support or anyone I can reach for this matter. I didnt get my ETH but Bitcoin transaction is confirmed… I did this exchange in Trezor Suite and I dont understand why I didnt get my ETH !


have you tried to contact the support of the exchange services who processed the transaction?

Yes but I am still waiting for a reply…

Can I do something about that delay? I wanted to exchange ETH again to BTC when ETH was High and BTC low but now can’t do that and I lost a lot of money because of that…

In the despriction its said that it will take only 4 hours (approximately) but now its been 5 days.

Which exchange are you using? You can also PM some contact information you have used to reach out to that exchange so I can push it. Many thanks.

I used for the first time ChangeNOW

Ok, they should reply to you very soon. Let me know, if nothing happens please.

Nothing yet… If something happens I will let you know but I dont know how long this going to take… prices dropping cant do nothing with my exchanged BTC to ETH

Can you PM me the transaction ID please?

Cant pm you …

Is it safe to post this here? And do you need this or something else?

Thank you, one more thing, can you tell me the Order ID you have received from the exchange? You would be able to PM me only if you reach Trust Level 1 which requires few minutes reading of other topics.

Where can I find the Order ID?

When you go to your BTC account and click on Trade button, it should show you the the transaction details with the order ID.

Oh it says that Transaction failed… Transaction ID : b7bbc302aeeb2eacb721ea4b6d058021629899f8bbc707cdbfd2d769bd145800

But how do I get my BTC then back?
And it was not ChangeNOW, idk I was 100% sure sorry… it was on FoxExchange

Can you check your BTC balance in the account you have used for the transaction? Is your final balance still missing the BTC from this rejected transaction? It should come back automatically.

Checked again, I did not get it back automatically.

Just to recap, your BTC transaction got confirmed so FoxExchange received it. In Trezor Suite, you can see it failed. Can you PM your BTC transaction ID please? We will ask the exchange directly.