I don't want to do an update

I saw this in the new update:

  • :writing_hand: AOPP - Signature proof of ownership standard.

I don’t want to accept that. Can I keep rejecting it? It will affect the safety of my Trezor?

it will be taken off in the next release:

Do I need to accept that to keep using my Trezor or I can just ignore it until next release? I need to store more stuff in my wallet but I am not sure if that could be a problem. I am really worried about my privacy and the safety of my assets. I don’t know who had that idea to introduce that awful update. I am glad it will be taken off but I need to know if I can still use my device normally or need to accept that or what to do.

then don’t update, updates are not mandatory

it does not effect your security or privacy in any way