I don't see my ethereum balance in trezor suite ▫

I have sent Ethereum from a crypto market site (buda.com) to the Ethereum receipt address, which I got from my “trezor suite” application. I have checked that the transaction was successful, however, I do not see my Ethereum balance in Trezor Suite. Have I lost access to my ether?

Hi @klausdio

Please, could you PM me your transaction ID so we could have a look at it?

I have the same problem. Transaction was 2 days ago. I’ve been trying to get help from Trezor support for a day and a half. I have an open case and have provided all details. who can help me?

I sent ETH from coinbase wallet to hidden wallet in Trezor suite 2 days ago. the transaction looks good on etherscan.io but my balance is still 0 in the trezor suite. where is my crypto and how do i recover it? I have an open case with Trezor but not getting any responses.

Dear @jhewgley

My colleague replied to you earlier today. As I have learnt you made ETH transaction, but you have been checking ETC account in Trezor Suite (based on screenshots you sent). For ETH transactions, you must add ETH account. ETH is different from ETC.

Anyway, my colleague will come back to you as soon as possible. In the meanwhile, thank you for your patience.

I have made an etherium transfer to my trezor, and it is not reflected in the direction of my trezor, but in etheriumscam it appears as done.

What I can do?

Thank you

hi pavel

How could I send you my transfer id?

Is there any way to contact privately, or can I pass the id here?

Thank you so much!

Hi @barracala I have sent you PM, please answer it with your TxID :wink: thx

Hi MichalZ, can you PM me. I have issue with transfer on ETH. Thx

Hi Pavel, i have issue with a BTC to ETH trx. Can you please PM me. Thank you!

hi @Beer2022

Could you please submit a request using this form and get back to me here with a ticket ID ? Thanks

Same problem - I see my fund in ETH Explorer but not in Trezor Suite.
Is this somehow normal?
Can you help?
i open Ticket ID: 132023

That’s because it is Internal transaction: