I did not write down the words when I acquired it ... do you have a solution?


I recently acquired the Trezor and when I plugged it into the acputer and downloaded the software and was doing the configuration … I came to a part where it gives a few words and I did not have time to write them down and now it seems that the process can no longer be started from the beginning or yes? I mean, I don’t have the words … I would like to do it again, is it possible? Or has it been rendered useless? Thanks. All the best.

if you have no coin in it ,just wip it ,and reset it again.

thanks !! :slight_smile: I do not know if I have explained myself well … the trezor gave me a series of words on the screen that I was supposed to save and write down and I did not … sure that with this guide I can start the process again? I don’t mean the PIN

yes !
first you creat wallet ,trezor give you 12 or 24 word to write down . these words are used to restore back again .
if that is your situation ,and you didn’t send any coin into trezor ,just reset it again .
write down the new wrods
don’t just one copy ,it is not safe.
you have to write two copys or more , put each in a house ,not room ,house
so if one house on fire , you can still have at list one copy .

Thanks for the info, right, now it is!

You’re welcome