I created metamask - linked trezor hidden wallet passphrase before trezor suite


May i check have anyone ever tried to put passphrase during metamask and trezor pairing without having that passphrase created on your trezor suite first?
This was what i did, i created the passphrase on d hidden wallet first during pairing and now i have some funds on that account on my metamask linked trezor.

However this fund cant be seen on my trezor suite even if i typed the passphrase on the trezor suite

i have no problem on my another trezor suite hidden wallet which i created first and then only paired it with metamask. i can see the fund both on my MM trezor as well as on my Trezor suite hidden wallet.

Is there anyway that i can go abt ?
(*all my coins are only eth, nothing else)


Hi, there is no difference between creating passphrase in MM and Suite, as long as you are putting in the same passphrase it is the same wallet.

Either you are putting in wrong passphrase or you are trying to see coins that are only supported in MM