I cant transfer from metamask linked to trezor to other accounsts

I cant transfer from metamask linked account with trezor to other accounts. And the MM account doesn’t show in trezor suite. Any suggestions what I do wrong.

what did metamask linked account show to you ? preferably with pictures

And After hitting confirm it connects to my trezor and i do every step and then it freezes and transactions do go through.

Has the gas fee been deducted?

no balance is still the same

I have seen several similar situations on the eth mainnet. Maybe it’s time for an admin to answer. I hardly use the eth network.

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Thank you anyway.
@admin Can you help?

no,no,it is Community support

just like this one

OK, thanks. I contacted MM as well .

can you send transaction ID?

Also try Trezor Suite or MyEtherWallet.

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