I can't see my assets in my wallet anymore


I transferred on 12 December of 2021 my BTCs and ETH from Binance to Trezor, in order to secure my assets. But today I have two issues:

  1. The BTC I could immediately see on my Trezor account. But, yesterday, 2 months later I tried to access my wallet to see the BTC, and they are not there. I tried a factory reset on my device with the seed phrase, but still can’t see it. Now I discovered that there is the possibility of the asset being in a hidden wallet, which I don’t remember putting there. But already tried to access them with all the passwords I could possibly use and still can’t see them.

Destination of BTC


  1. The ETH I tried to transfer using the BSC, which was a mistake. I can see them on my metamask of Chrome at work mac, but can’t transfer them back to Binance or Trezor.

Destination of ETH


Please help me out!

both issues are related to passphrase.

If you do not see BTC in Suite you are in the different wallet, same for MM you just see the address like view only mode but you are not connected to it because of passphrase.

If you did not create passphrase you can leave it empty to enter standard wallet. Otherwise, you will need to find the correct one.

Thanks for your answer.

I was warned about keeping the phrase safe, and I did so. But, no one told me about hidden wallets and I didn’t create any. If I create it’s because Trezor induced me to with its UI/UX. How should we proceed then? I have a big amount of money blocked in your wallet and cannot access it.

you said you don’t remember creating, it suggest that it’s possible that you actually did.

people often forget it because they don’t understand what it is and put something in the field.

Try your browser autogenerated passwords, PIN or something else.

If you did not create passphrase your coins would have been in the standard wallet

It worked!!! The password was on the browser passwords. But still have 2 doubts here:

  1. How can I move the BTC to a standard wallet. I don’t want this hidden anymore.
  2. How can I access the ETH to either send them back to Binance, or put them on the same wallet in Trezor?


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  1. you can send it as a regular transaction, go to your standard wallet, copy receiving address and send it there from the hidden wallet.

  2. you need to send ETH back to Binance (you will need some BNB token on that hidden wallet to pay the fees), then send it to your standard eth address via ERC20 network

Ok regarding the 1st point. Send the BTC to the standard wallet.

Regarding the ETH I understand as well, but the fact is that I cannot see them on the Trezor. Where should I do it? MM?

Another thing is: if I lose my Trezor device? I will lose the assets?

yes, in MM

if you loose Trezor you can recover funds with recovery seed, keep it safe

Perfect. Done for the BTC.

The MM plugin breaks whenever I try to send the ETH. How can I connect the MM properly to the Trezor and proceed on the transfer?

try to reinstall it and connect Trezor again with the correct passphrase, or use MyEttherWallet instead.

I am trying to import the ETH token again to the BSC network I just configured again, but still can’t see the ETHs. Can you help me with this? I really want to put it alongside with the BTC in my Trezor and sleep well today :slight_smile:

I used this 0xE73b9058Cce661d4Bb7c1437D2AF657515F78d42 on the Token Contract Address. Is that right?

Should I use my Trezor phrase here or the metamask one?


just follow this: https://wiki.trezor.io/Apps:MetaMask

The problem is I can’t see the ETHs that way. As I tried to use BSC to send them from Binance to Trezor, they might be hidden somehow, no?

you are again using wrong passphrase, this is the address you need to connect to. It is not on the list on your screenshot…
so, correct passphrase first, then connect to the address then add BSC chain

I am using the passphrase of Trezor. The same I used to the BTC and that I am able to see them.

then you must have created another passphrase…

when you are in that BTC wallet go to settings and enable ETH…what is the receive address in that ETH account in Suite?

If it is different then 0xE7… then it is again different wallet.

Solved! Everything set on Trezor now. Thank you very much.

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