I can't recover my Metamask account

removed the metamask from the browser, and when I installed it back, I couldn’t import my account, it asks for a private key or a json file, I don’t understand what to do

you have to click Connect HW wallet, please follow the manual: Apps:MetaMask - Trezor Wiki

I’m also going through the same situation, I had to uninstall metamask, when I installed it again and entered with my seed. my trezor account does not appear as an option to import, and the private key did not appear in the account, because when you log in with trezor it no longer appears the private key,

I don’t know what to do, I’m desperate

the only possible explanation is that you are now using different passphrase than you did when you used the address that you want to access in the first place.

To get into Hidden (passphrase protected) wallet repeatedly is possible only be entering exactly the same passphrase.

If the account you are trying to access was created in Standard (not passphrase protected) wallet, simply leave the passphrase blank.

Trezor will never reveal you the private key, it stays always securely kept offline.