I cannot use my trezor after the latest update! How can I fix this?


I am trying to perform a swap on uniswap. My trezor is connected to Uniswap via metamask - I approve on uni, the signature from metamask pops up, I click sign, the page to enter your hidden wallet password on pops up briefly, then it force quits and I get an error on uniswap that the swap failed. I never get the chance to enter my password or sign the transaction on my device.

Similarly, I go to AAVE, try and manage my positions which require trezor signatures, and I cannot sign, getting the error: Wrong Previous Session.

I just updated my firmware, which may have something to do with this.

My Trezor Device is currently running the latest version, [2.6.3]

My suite is currently running version [23.11.5]

Any help fixing this would be appreciated!

I really dont know what to do. A majority of my net worth is now stuck. Can ANYONE help me?