I cannot use my BNB under a trezor standard wallet

Hey guys, I just created a standard wallet (without any pass) and connected it to metamask. Then, I setup the BSC network and transferred some BNB to there, however, I cannot do anything with that BNB there. I’m trying to swap to another coin or even transfer it to my other account (without any hard wallet) and I’m receiving “Unknown address” error on whatever I try to do. I can see my coins there but I cannot do anything with them at all. I don’t know what to do anymore, could you please assist? Thanks in advance.


Hi @tiaguinhow

As for Metamask app preventing you from spending your funds, this actually might be caused when the (appropriate) private key is missing.
These private keys for signing transactions are derived from the combination of seed stored on Trezor device and passphrase (if enabled and used). Thus, if different seed and/or a different passphrase is used then the private key differs and cannot be used.
In such case, previously generated wallets/accounts in third-party apps would become watch only wallets without the possibility spending the funds.

So the question is: can you see the address (hidden one from the screenshot) in your standard (not passphrase protected) wallet in Trezor Suite ?

Hi @MichalZ , thanks for the reply.

I cannot see it because I didn’t find any network to link with. There are there only ETH and BTC, I tried to find something linked with Binance but had no success. I’m using the trezor one.

Thanks mate.

In this case it does not matter as BSC use the same format of addresses as ETH so if you navigate to your ETH account the address has to match the one from which you’re trying to send tokens on MetaMask. Otherwise you’re are accessing different wallet and you won’t be able to sign the transaction.

Heyyy I found out the issue, not sure if it’s metamask or trezor issue, but here is the solution.

Once we connect trezor with some account, it will ask to pair the device and also there is the “Remember Device” option. If you check it out, you can use only one kind of wallet, you cannot switch between hidden and standard wallet anymore until you restart your PC. However if you have more than one kind of wallet, don’t mark that option otherwise you will get the error mentioned. And of course, if you are using the standard wallet, don’t set any passphares when it asks to. The issue is fixed.

Thanks for your help @MichalZ .

no worries man, I am glad your issue has been resolved. :raised_hands:
Also thanks for the feedback, we will check it out.

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