I cannot add passphrase


I have learned about the additional passphrase protection and decided to add it to my Trezor One. Unfortunately, I am unable to do so (I tried both Trezor Suite App and the website App). When I go to the Advanced settings and activate passphrase, it just asks me to confirm it on my Trezor. I do so but afterwards I am not prompted to enter the passphrase. It looks like it is activated but I haven´t added any passphrase. I always rather deactivate it before logging out as I am afraid I would not be able to log in back no knowing the passphrase. Can anyone help me please?

Thank you in advance

Hi @Martycz

When you activate the feature you actually have to reconnect the device in order to start using it.

After the feature is activated and you reconnect your Trezor you will be prompted to choose between Standard and Hidden (passphrase protected) wallet as shown on the picture below.


So even if the feature is activated you don’t have to use it.

However before you start to use the feature please read following article thoroughly:

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