I am stupid - i messed up on my Passphrase

Hello call me stupid - but i seem to have forgottten my passphrase.

Is there any way I can brute for it?

I roughly know what the passphrase is - but not well enough to gain access to my Trezor Hidden Wallet.

I can prove the Trezor is mine and I can prove the XRP I sent to the Trezor

I have written down the Seed key but i am stupid in that I dindt for my Passphrase.

There must be some options even some one maybe not recommended.

There is no way I am letting this go.

U need to make a firmware update which allows passphrases to be altered - people who have mental health conditions like me, were not adequately warned about what can occur.

There is absolutley no reason why the passphrase is locked in this manner. i bet you it is against EU protocol. Regardless of your company’s view.

U do not implicitly state and mention with significant regard that not knowing the passphrase is imperative. it is actually more important than the seed. Because there is a possibility to reclaim the seed. There is no possibility to use a method to get the passphrase. that’s absolutely not implicitly stated.

I demand you update your firmware to be able to recover the passphrase.


I am sorry to learn about your issue with forgotten password. Please note the passphrase brings an ultimate protection to your wallet. It is always necessary to read and learn about features you are about to use. It’s same with everything, not only with crypto. Please note we don’t have and we don’t keep any information about anyone’s seed or passphrase. This is what cryptocurrency is about. You are your own bank and you are fully responsible for your your keys and funds. If you lose it there is nobody who can recover it for you. The only chance for you is to brute force the passphrase. Please note the passphrase is not stored in your device so there is really no possible way to recover it using a firmware.

I truly hope you will manage to figure out your passphrase. Good luck!

I don’t think you understand what u are talking about

  1. I don’t believe is it equitable and I am sure EU law prevents any company that sells you an electrical item, that for whatever reason no longer works as u expected once purchased - Trezor has essentially stolen my money I spent on the device. ANd the fact i dont have access to my account regardless of what Trezor thinks it is doing - i am sure it is against the law from stopping someone within fair rights to be able to have access to personal information which i am prevented from accessing

  2. More so to have any prodfuct that gets locked i am also sure is illegal within EU law. Banks always have options for clients to recover anything - Trezor by preventing me from accessing my data is preventing free use of product which I am sure is against EU Law.

  3. For something as serious as locking your account permanently would require significant disclosers made and even then I doubt they would stand up in EU court - that something someone pays for is no longer functioning. There are NO DISCLOUSRES specifically signed that stated anything - i accidently pressed the passphrase selection and the room was dark - Tresor is going against my human rights. I am sure the EU law courts would want to know.

  4. Within the Use the Passphrase feature - it does not SPECIFICALLY, CLEARLY indicate that in forgetting or misplacing your passphrase u will lose acess to your data - again I believe this is against EU law.

  5. More so under Emergency Situations it talks about the Recovery Seed in length but makes no indicating of the seriousness of using the Passphrase - this is a hug liability on Trezor which I am sure EU lawyers will have a field day on.

  6. Under important characteristics the writing within a box mind you which has a much lower font that the wording in the rest of the page makes it very hard to read. If this is the only disclosures reflecting on what may occur if u lose access to your passphrase is totally irresponsible and against.

I have mental health issues and am forgetful - the reason why u has see recovery is clear - life happens and one makes a product for the general public. To have an unrecoverable passphrase goes against the general public. It wasn’t made fully clear to me the repercussions. Trezor has gone against my human rights - has gone against EU law by doings things which are against free data. Has not provided adequate disclosures - Trezor has sold me an expensive product which nolonger works - they have essentially stolen my money and are illegally preventing me from accessing my account which is against EU law and access to free data.

I am going to find an EU lawyer who works against companies like Trezor in stopping people from enjoying the things they buy and their human rights - i am disabled and Trezor has taken advantage of me.

Trezor this is going to be a long fight - i am sure EU law prevents any compnay from preventing legal citizens from accessing their data. Beleive me you are getting sued by me - and the question of having zero access regardless of reasons to one rightfully paid equipment is also i am sure against the LAW

Trezor has most probably broken quite a few laws in the EU and we shall see who is right. I believe Trezors lawyers in the long run will prevent Trezor from selling any product that does not have fair and equitable means to unlock should worst case scenario arive. Trezor is again stopping my EU rights to data and is preventing me a disabled man from exercising his human rights.

There are for sure more legal questions here – let the EU lawyers have a field day suing Trezor or giving them ultimatums.

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The error is on the Vault side. The same thing happened to me. Use the correct password, but the wallet rejected it and wrote a message that the password was invalid (passphrase). I had to unplug the Vault, log in again, and it worked out several times. If you are not sure what your password is, repeat the action by disconnecting the Vault.

If the error is vault side - and this happened you then this another reason we should sue SatoshiLabs Group - they are selling non fully tested products for expensive money

the issue is now gona passed me or you - this is now a question of access to your data and selling products to non general public - which are both against EU law.

What hapens in this scenario - u are a normal human with normal functioning abilities - u set the passphrase, which u have memorized as has been recommended and not written down; even if it is written down - then at some point in the future you GET A STROKE OR SOME BRAIN DAMAGE - WHICH CAN NATURALLY OCCUR IN LIFE - are you telling me SatoshiLabs Group doesn’t care about its customers? They don’t - SatoshiLabs Group does not care about its loyal customers - because when the repercussions of the health affects which are no fault of the human who endured them come to pass they wont know or remember their passphrase - SatoshiLabs Group will tell them tough luck - they are so arrogant they will ask you to revert to their weak disclosures - as opposed to sayin i am so happy you are ok - the doctor will tell them you are lucky to be alive - which one of those 2 groups care about the patient? for SatoshiLabs Group to have in their mind a fixed passphrase tells me the groups lawyers are rank amateur’s who in my opinion should be immediately fired then sued for poor understanding of EU laws - if they have in house counsel they should be in my opinion immediately terminated - i would then advise them to hire a better class of lawyer - SatoshiLabs Group is bigtime breaking EU law with this BS passphrase technology. I will be looking for high end attorneys to break their back. They need to alter their stance on the passphrase, apologize to their customers and make updates to the source code to allow just like their seed to be able to recover you legally owned Trezor and send a firmware update

This bs passphrase is going aginst free data and human rights and is breaking EU law.

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I do understand your frustration. On the other hand it is also necessary to understand we are neither a bank nor a financial institution. We provide a device which is capable to store your coins securely if you follow the basic security standards and you are fully responsible for your coins. This is the design of hardware wallets. The purpose is to gain independence, financial sovereignty and security. If we start storing such sensitive data (seed and passphrase) we immediately lose most of our customers. We are valued for transparency and security. Maybe the hardware non-custodial wallet is not the way you should go. There are custodial wallets as well, but I have to warn you. With custodial wallets you don’t own your keys and if the wallet provider disappears, your funds disappear too. This is the whole idea, if you don’t own your keys, you basically don’t own the coins.

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you are talking some make believe world - get a grip - i dont think you have the IQ to be talking to me about the issues

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I agree 100%. Same thing happen to me. I connect my trezor to Exodus for the first time. It ask me for a passphrase… I don’t remember but maybe I thought it was the Exodus password again. But no!

I try every possible combinaisons of every password I used in my life and nothing worked.

I could I set a passphrase without knowing it, without using characters that I use all the time like my pin number or my exodus password.

I lost a lot of money. If you read on the blog and forums, a lot of people lost a lot of money. I’m talking about 90k to 200k,


There are a lot of ways you can lose money with cryptocurrency transfers and storage - also with a hardware wallet like Trezor. A hardware wallet is only a safer way to store your crypto, it’s not an easier or foolproof way, so you still have to know what you’re doing. I recommend reading and learning about what you’re about to do so you know how it works before you try it. Otherwise the risk of doing something wrong is big.