How transfer my coins from Trust Wallet to my Trezor?

i have no idea how to transfer my coins from my trust wallet app (hot wallet) on my iphone to my trezor (suite) (Desktop App).
Anybody out there who can help?

Hi @Boms0303

Please have a look at the following manual on our Wiki:

If something isn’t clear or you would have any further questions please do not hesitate to ask.

My English is not the very best & i did not understand every context.
So …, the most important Question: is it possible to transfer my coins from an App like Trust Wallet to the Desktop Version of Trezor Suite? I did not get that …

Hi @Boms0303,

I hope this can help you further.
I’ll use Trezor Suite for Desktop to show these examples, since that is the one I use.

First connect your Trezor and login. Then, from Dashboard, choose Account (1).
Choose the coin you want to receive. I don’t know what type of coin you want to receive, so I’ll use Bitcoin as an example here (2). Then press the Receive button (3).

In the next image, you’ll see the Receive address Trezor has created for you. Press Show full address (4).

A popup window will show you the address (5), together with a scan code. Check on your Trezor device that the address is correct, then confirm it on the Trezor with the green Ok button.

Then you’ll see a Copy address button (6). Press that and it’ll copy the full address into your PC’s clipboard.

Now close the popup and you return to the previous screen. There you’ll see the address listed at the end of the receiving addresses list (7).

Go to Trust wallet and select your coin from your wallet (in this case BTC). Then check again that you’ve selected the Trust account you want to send coins from (8). Press the Send button (9).

Now you just paste in the receive address you copied in step 6 and send the coins to your Trezor.


Thanks a lot, Petosiris. I already transfered some coins from my exchanges.
And now, i got it!

I was believing, that it need a cable,- Whatever-connection to transfer my coins.

Thank u a lot :sunglasses::+1:t2:

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Great news! Glad I could help. :slight_smile:

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What is the best and safe way to copy address from trezor desktop to trust wallet as it is on the phone. Do you have to manually put it in?

Hi @MES_48,

You’d have to use some kind of interconnection between your desktop computer and phone, like Microsoft’s Your Phone app.

or simply use the QR code

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The truth is that the Trezor, and the Trust Wallet does not hold coins. The coins always stay in the blockchain, the wallets just hold the keys neccesary to access them.

It’s kinda of confusing because we know what wallets do, but think of a wallet as a wallet that holds credit cards, that’s not your actual money, but it’s a means to get to your money.