How to use the same adress

my trezor generate this address

But polygon was so slow that j needed to change and create another adress on fantom and It changed the adress above.

How do i reuse the adress above?i Just can use the New one created on fantom,cant find anything,Sorry If im dumbass.
(Sorry for the english im Brazilian)

because you used wrong/different passphrase and created new wallet.

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Hey Randy its me again. #third-party-wallets

Mine is
I use the same passphrase
For different address

0x8b19e****** this was the first address I used

Plus I couldn’t find it

And I created another one


Those 2 address are from the same pass phrase

you can have as many addresses as you want, what were you using, Metamask? Just add it again.

But, if you could not find it it suggest you used wrong passphrase.

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@forgi can you explain how to get the other account drop the same passphrase
I mean the steps im using metamask.
i’m realy sorry if im boring you ,im realy dumb with this things,just bought.

it is explained in the video above, if you use same passphrase you get the same list of addresses(accounts)

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@forgi also work for the same passphrase?
the video shows for different passphrase not the same.

@forgi Yes,And the second one always come up
When I look in for the first one I can never find it ,It’s gave 100 of others not the one I’m looking for

then you are using wrong passphrase

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