How to see my Tether? ▫

Hi all,

First post here and a beginner in the crytpo world.

I have an issue since I swapped my BTC to Tether using the Trezor Suite. After the transaction was done, I was not able to see my Tether asset. So I create a ETH account on my Trezor and then I add Tether as a new tokens. Even then, my balance is 0.

So I asked to the support and they suggest me to use MyEtherWallet because Tether is a ERC-20 currency. Once again, I was not able to see my Tethers. Maybe there is something I do not understand or I did a bad manipulation.

I am wondering if there any way I can see my asset or to revert the transaction back from USDT to BTC?

Here is the ticket they raised when I asked for support.
Ticket ID (closed): 56569


Hi @Guim

Thanks for reaching out.

USDT (United States Dollar Tether) are in fact several different tokens, on several different networks. The most commonly used are Bitcoin Omni, the second one is an Ethereum ERC20 token. These are two different networks, two different assets, and you have to treat them separately.

If your transaction was made on ETH blockchain, it is ERC20. In such case you should be able to search such transaction on for example. Try searching for the receiving address you used as well.

Optionally, your transaction was made on Omni network. In that case, your transaction and receiving address should be searchable on

So, which network was used, Omni network or ETH?

To answer your question; you cannot revert any transaction once it was confirmed.

Hi @pavel

Thank you for your answer and clarification.

The receiving address can be found on but not on

If it may help (or not…) the balance on the receiving address is 0.


Okay then.

Generally, if your tokens are on the Omni layer, you should be able access your funds by using the application Trezor OMNI wallet at Beware, it’s a third-party app, which we neither develop, nor maintain.

However, if you say, the balance of your receiving address is 0, I wonder if the transaction went through successfully.

Anyway, please PM as much details about your exchange as possible. Assuming, you used Trezor Suite, correct? If so, please include the name of the provider, your receiving address, the order ID, so we could reach out the provider to check this.