How to secure Axie Scholar accounts with trezor without losing axie's level


Just bought a Trezor. I want to secure some axie infinity scholar accounts with a trezor.

I heard it was possible to do that without having to send the axies to another wallet and therefore not have to reset the axies level to 1.

  1. Is it possible? (I heard it was)
  2. Is there a guide to this somewhere?
  3. Assuming it’s possible would using this method would my accounts be less secure than creating new trezor ronin wallets and sending axies to them (resetting their level to 1).

Hope it’s clear, thanks a lot for you help!

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Hi @Nico,

  1. No idea. Maybe @Langly1087 knows?
  2. Not sure, but perhaps here.
  3. Yes. A Trezor protected account ensures that you must sign for all transactions.
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Thank you for your quick response.

I don’t think he covers that in his videos unfortunately.

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@Nico I think I may have responded to you on my youtube video, but the method you are referring to does make your account less secure.

The method involves importing your “Ronin Seedphrase” into the Trezor wallet, and disregarding the key security measure that the Trezor employs. And that, is that the Seedphrase for the Trezor is never on your computer or on the internet.

Fully securing your assets is far more important than taking a shortcut because you or someone is inconvenienced by the resetting of or their Axie levels.

I don’t mean to sound harsh…I’ve had my assets stolen…Trust me, the heartache is not worth it friend.

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