How to Recover ETH sent on BSC from Meta Mask to Trezor T Wallet ETH address

Looking for guidance on how to recover missing ETH sent via the BSC Binance Smart Chain Network on Meta Mask Wallet to Trezor T hardware wallet ETH address.

  1. I had Binance Smart Chain network already added on Meta Mask wallet

  2. I sent ETH from my Meta Mask wallet on the BSC Binance Smart Chain Network to my Trezor Model T ETH receiving address

  3. Transaction was recorded and shows up on BSC Scan website under contract # 0x3d5466aaf30e8f10e6aa762e3326357a2cffbadb82790a82b057e10fe23e82f9

  4. The ETH balance at the Trezor T receiving ETH address balance shows 0 ETH

  5. My Trezor T is connected with my Meta Mask Wallet now as well but it also shows 0 ETH balance

I have read some additional posts on this forum which lead me to believe there is some way to retrieve the lost ETH however I am not sure what to do now.

If I can transfer it back and get it to show up in my Meta Mask wallet can I then transfer it back to the Ethereum Mainnet Network and then transfer it to the Trezor T hardware wallet?

Appreciate any help. Thanks,

Hi @Swiatekt1984, first of all, make sure that you are accessing Metamask with your Trezor:

Then in Metamask, please proceed with the following custom network settings:

In the end, add a custom token as per this manual.

If you want to transfer the tokens out (eg back to the exchange), you also need to have some BNB on the very same address that will be used as a Gas.


I believe I am accessing Metamask with my Trezor

Also, I had already had a Custom RPC network added for Binance Smart Chain although I had named it Smart Chain, not Binance Smart Chain. I had used all the other values you’ve put there.

  • see screenshot

I understand I need BNB for gas to transfer tokens however there are no tokens to even transfer?
Balance is still zero

How do I get the tokens that were transferred to my Trezor T, as seen on BSC Scan website, to show up in the Trezor T account when it is connected to Metamask?

Any other thoughts here? Would appreciate anyone’s help/insight.

Ok well I figured it out finally!!!

I had the BSC network and the ETH token set up correctly but I wasn’t connected to my Trezor wallet correctly to the correct account.

I kept entering the seed phrase after connecting to my trezor and none of the accounts showing up were the correct one with the ETH in it.

I deleted the Trezor account I had connected and tried reconnecting but chose no pass phrase, just the default wallet and there was my ETH, YAY me :slight_smile:

I am sorry for seeing the thread just now. Thanks for the update though, it may be helpful for other users. It is important to be sure what private keys are associated with the wallet you are searching for.

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