How to find my crytocurrency


I made 3 withdrawals from Kraken, all 3 transactions were done back to back (3 different coins).
Two of the 3 coins are showing up in my suite. I contacted Kraken and they told me the transaction took place as did the trezor help desk. All my transactions numbers are correct.

The missing coin is ETH
Does anyone have any advice on how to find the coins?
Trezor is directing us to a passphrase, which I did not set up.

I am not sure how to proceed, advice would be greatly appreciated!

Oh, I have the Trezor Model T

Thank you!!

Thank you,

I do not see a live chat icon?

Not sure I understand?

Still do not see an icon? You said at the bottom?

No sir, any other suggestions??

No green icon on this page??

Not sure how to attach a picture

Could you just connect me to a support person that could help me recover the ETH that I transferred that is not in the suite?

Thank you!

Ok, I refreshed page?

I did see the link and tried it, but my mac advised against that option?

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Sorry, I do not know how to override the protection.

Is there another option ?

Got it working!

Does not seem to be anyone that will respond. Do they have certain hours?

What is wallet connect? Is it safe?

@trezor2222 the person responding to you was not official support, do NOT engage in any way with such websites

If you need help, open support ticket here: