How to avoid a receiving address?

Hi, I’ve received dust on my btc address, how can I avoid it when sending from the walltet? I don’t want to associate all my other addresses with it. Thank you!

Hi @Nik

Since Trezor is hierarchic deterministic wallet, it automatically creates a new address for every transaction you make.
Also you can label the receiving address where you have received the dust.

You can also connect your Trezor to Electrum wallet and use Coin Control feature:

Thanks for reply. What does labeling do?

The labeling feature lets you rename accounts, label receiving addresses, and comment on transactions by connecting Trezor Suite to Dropbox or Google Drive and creating an encrypted folder where it will store your labels.

It’s one more way to use a Trezor device to keep your private data secured, organized, and available from any computer.