How to add Pyth Network and Starknet to Trezor One

Hello. Can you please tell me how to add Pyth Network and Starknet to Trezor One? On the website in the list of supported coins it is indicated that these coins support Trezor One. How can I do it ? For example using metamask

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Hey, guys! Could you please advise me if there is any way I can contact support directly about this issue ?

Pyth network is a solana token, you can send it to your SOL address-

Starknet can be stored as ETH token, send it to your ETH address, make sure to use ETH network.

Got it, thanks. Could you please tell me where I can find the SOL address in Trezor One?

Solana is not supported in Model One.

Can you please tell me why in this case in the list of coins, Pyth is listed as a coin supported by Trezor One ? If Trezor One does not support the Solana network

Sorry, that is an error on our side, we will correct this information, thank you for pointing it out.