How to add Exodus to Trezor?

Hi, I’m new here and I feel (nearly) silly to ask this question: How do I add a third party wallet like Exodus to Trezor ? ( believe me: I did my best to find this all over :grimacing: )

And: If I can add this third party wallet to Trezor: why would I bring tokens like BTC over to Trezor wallet ? ( I did this, but now I wonder why even do this if there is a chance to add Trezor to my existing third party wallet ? )

Again, I feel a bit silly with this basic question. Anyone’s input is appreciated. Thank you.

Hi @charles,
don’t feel silly, it’s always better to ask!
Please find a tutorial to connecting to Exodus wallet at Apps:Exodus - Trezor Wiki
It does not matter what wallet (Trezor Wallet, Exodus,…) you are using for managing your coins - important is that you are accessing the wallet with your Trezor device, thus your private keys are secured by Trezor.
Also, let me clarify that you cannot link Trezor with your already existing wallet.

Hi Niyak, great ! this link you gave is what I needed. I made a good start. If not too much asked, following: so I was able to add Trezor to Exodus; I can see something like BTC from Trezor in Exodus, but, all other coins in Exodus are not “protected” by Trezor, I open Exodus like normal without Trezor and all is there as it was. How do I get coins from Exodus protected by Trezor ? Do I need to send coins from Exodus to a Trezor wallet ? ( and is it afterwards again visible in Exodus ? ) You see with the value of my coins it’s kind of exciting. Thank you for your patience and trouble. Kindly, Charles

Hi again Niyak , fine, in the end it’s simple: I found out that I just need to send coins from an existing wallet to Trezor ( instead of “protecting” some of my existing wallets )

@charles Yes, that is correct. You cannot connect your Trezor to already existing wallet. You can only transfer the funds to it.