How to activate and use more coins

despite quite an effort, I still don’t know, how to use Trezor (One) for all the SUPPORTED coins.
Yes, I know the list very well. But that does not help.

Trezor is enabling me to access only the few (14?) basic coins and I just can’t figure out how to use the other ones.
Neither those that should be supported by Trezor Suite itself nor those that need using an ext. wallet.


Thank you. M.

Hi, can you specify which coins are you looking for?

There is plenty of information on the forum on every coin (ERC20 tokens, EVM chains like Matic where you need to use 3rd party app or just other coins that need 3rd party app in general like XLM etc.)

The wallet you need to use is mentioned on the coins page you have seen.

Have a look at some of the video manuals: Video Tutorials - Trezor Forum

please does trezor work with all coin or it has particular compatible coins?

Ya, Im not happy i can only access 14 coins. Please explain how to add more coins.
False advertizing

I can so far only access 14 coins on the model T which is annoying because they state access 100s of coins however no HELP here.

Do you mean that I need a special proceedure for EACH coin?
That would be quite a non-sense, right?

Why don’t you just provide clear instructions/manual for adding coins
A) Supported by Trezor Suite itself
B) Requiring a 3rd party wallet
And if the ERC-20 is a special category, then for those, too.

What is so unclear on this SIMPLE request, which so many people apparently struggle with???
Despite searching everywhere, asking here and there, there still isn’t clear answer/instructions/manual.
Is it some kind of secret???

I feel really desperate and already regret, that I’ve bought Trezor and not Ledger or something else… :-/
This feels like a bad joke.
The worst product support I’ve ever encoutered… :-/

And, if you insist on list of coins I’d like to get to Trezor, here’s most of them: SOL, AAVE, ICP, BAT, AVA, USDC, DASH, NEO, KSM, ONT, XVG, ONE, VET…

Thank you.

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Please excuse my harshness above.
It’s because I’m already highly frustrated and desperate already, being not the dumbest, asking around and searching, and still, cueless, being repeatedly refferred to useless info and links… (including the Trezor themselves)

!00% agree…this is ridiculous not to easily transfer their list of supported coins/tokens! WTF