How to access Coinify account created by Trezor Suite's "Sell" coins action?

In June 2022 I sold some coins via the “Sell” function in Trezor Suite. This was done via Coinify[dot]com (exchange) and I had to create an account there. Now I find I’m not able to log into my Coinify account. At login I get a “bad credentials” error; then I try “Forgot password”, but I never get the email about changed password. I contacted Coinify tech support and they say " it seems that you are trying to log in on myCoinify[dot]com while you initially created the account on *Satoshilabs_Trezor. Please note that those accounts are not related to each other, therefore, if you have never had a mycoinify[dot]co account, your email or password will not work there. In order to access your account, please go to the partner wallet, app, or website and log in there."
I think this means that I need to log into Coinify via Trezor Suite, but I don’t see a way to do that.

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