How secure is the connect trezor web pop-out?

I use my trezor model T to connect to my adalite wallet. Once… about 2 years ago… I’m fairly sure I used my keyboard to type in my passphrase instead of on device entry by accident.

This was a one time event and I’ve never repeated it.

My question is; does Trezor store this typed in information somewhere?

Also… my only real threat would have been if a keyloger was on my machine at that moment, right?


Hi @ClydeCryptoDog

No, Trezor does not store such information.

Yes, that’s correct.
Since there is a threat of having the malicious software such as keyloger on the host device while typing the passphrase, the best practice is always to enter the passphrase on Trezor device that has trusted screen.

Also, please note that even if you would potentially compromise your passphrase the way mentioned above the attacker wouldn’t be able to access the wallet without your seed knowing just passphrase (since the hidden wallet you were entering is derived from the combination of both - seed and passphrase) assuming your seed is still safe.
So if that happens you can still transfer your funds to newly generated wallet.

Thanks MichalZ… good to know… Now I’m torn on if I want to go thought he process of setting up a new hidden wallet… and transferring all my wonderfully coin hygiened UTXOs and accounts over… lol