How many Trezors can be used on 1 computer?

Hey, ive just installed my 3rd Trezor and its having problems running all 3 at the same time on the desktop App. Theres always 1 thats disconnected. When I installed number 3 I did have to disconnect 1 trezor to allow it to install. Would be great to know if there is away around it. Obvs need all 3 running all the time on one 1 device… TIA

Hi @GenZCrypto, Trezor Suite is technically unable to see multiple Trezors at once. All the wallets can be remembered in Trezor Suite, but only one device (representing one wallet) can be connected at a time.

Hi @GenZCrypto please disregard my previous reply, there was a miscommunication on our part and having multipled devices connected at a same time is possible.

First of all, are all your devices up to date with firmware? If not, please update them all to the latest version.

What version of Trezor Suite application you are using? Try to reset the application, you can find the reset button in Trezor Suite - Settings (cogwheel) - Application - App storage/Reset app.
Then connect your Trezor devices one by one if all of them are recognized.

If you are still having troubles with that, please try it in the web version of Trezor Suite