How I lost my address with 10 years of savings (not found yet) Trezor + MetaMask


You may want to look for help from someone knowledgable and trustworthy who have the means/hardware to brute-force your Passphrase. I know other people have done this, with success, although I cannot recommend anyone or the procedure itself. There was a guy some time back here in the forums who said he’d gone this route and was happy with the result.

You have to do your own research and please be careful. Do not reply to PMs/DMs with offer to help you. The risk is huge but you have to weigh the risk versus the possibility to retrieve your funds. If you research this thoroughly before you contact anyone, the risk is reduced.

Good luck! :slight_smile:


i read through the whole convo. the same thing has happened to me. did you ever get a solution? i am thinking of contacting a recovery service. bitcoin dave

The exact same thing happened to me. Did you manage to solve it?


I’ve been working with a third party guy more than for 3 month. But nothing new. ;(

I’m sorry to hear that, @Artyom. You’re certainly persistent and patient so I think you’ll find the correct Passphrase eventually!

Maybe consider finding another person to help you, when the current guy can’t find anything after trying for 3+ months.

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Well, I believe is happened here

When you was asked to enter passphase on MetaMask,

you made a typo or made another passphrase accidentally(human error)

I advise people to

1)generate a new ETH account in trezor suite first(then from the first account send a tiny amount to the new one say $0.20)

  1. go into MetaMask cross reference the wallet addresse(of the newly generated account) the new account will now have a balance displayed within the metamask, wallet selection screen

  2. send another tiny amount into the new account again(so 2 small transactions)

Your double-checking passphase you typing for MetaMask
there is a small balance within the wallet. You are intending to use

this is how you are making sure your using the correct passphrase(because it will co exist in trezor suite)

Hi everyone. I’m still trying to find my wallet.

I have a question for a people, who can remember how the PIN code feature worked 1 year ago with Trezor and MM.

Could this happen: I created a hidden wallet. I put money in it and logged out. After 5 days I replug in Trezor and made a crypto withdrawal using only pin code?

I decided to try to do it now, but besides pin code I was also asked for passphrase. But I can see that now the interface doesn’t look the same as it did a year ago.

Could the developers have changed this pin code feature?

It’s important, because if I was able to withdraw crypto by pin code a year ago, it means I didn’t enter passphrase twice.

lets see if i can help

  1. you say you typed in a pin was this JUST to unlock you trezor?

  2. how did you create the eth address?? within metamask?