How do I get rid of this?

hi peeps,
it’s a lil bothersome, whenever i try to connect, this whole list of ‘this device is used’ is listed. how do i get rid of it?

this is probably due to poor quality usb (bought from trezor i might add) that has a hit and miss whenever i try to connect.

I haven’t seen that dialog screen myself, but I got a lot of “Device detected in incorrect state” messages before, when I connected my Trezor to the USB plug, and I solved that by ejecting the wallet before unplugging the device. Now I only get this error message sometimes after updating software and/or firmware.

Also, I don’t use the Remember function on wallets, but let Trezor suite search for funds in the blockchains every time I connect. I’ve found that it makes life a lot easier and less confusing. :slight_smile:

Maybe this can help you too?