How can I Import To Ronin more than 50 accounts

Hi. I bought a Trezor one few days ago.

I’m Having a Mistake because In my Ronin Wallet I have 65 Accounts, When i try to import the Ronnin accounts from Trezor just appear 50 accounts.

The next button is disabled.

Who can help me with this?, thanks.

Hi @Cryptobrand there is a limit of accounts you can import into Ronin from your Trezor.

This limit is 50 accounts however if you would be in a need of using more accounts you can simply create another hidden wallet (enter different passphrase) and you’ll be able to choose among another 50 accounts.

Hello Michalz, there is a ETA for more than 50 ronin account at trezor?

Hi @Mariuda

You can get another set of 50 fresh addresses anytime by creating new hidden wallet.

In order to create new wallet you have to enable passphrase feature in Trezor Suite setting (however this feature should be enabled by default).

So after exporting your public keys:

You will be prompted to enter a passphrase:


Once the passphrase feature is activated on the device, you can provide any input of your choosing and it will be used to generate a completely new wallet and each wallet will offer you another set of 50 addresses to export.

To access this hidden wallet repeatedly, you will have to use the exact same passphrase in combination with the recovery seed on the device.

Note that mistyping the passphrase will generate a completely new wallet. There is no such thing as an “incorrect passphrase”, so whatever you provide as your input will be used in the process of deriving a wallet.