Holographic seal authenticity

Hi, I am just in the process of setting up my Trezor and am wondering about the holographic seal. The seal on my device isn’t shown on the website. Perhaps it is somewhere that I haven’t looked, or perhaps the website isn’t updated for it yet? Picture attached.

Hi @redwine,

A new holographic security seal was designed for enhanced user security, and is used for Trezor Safe 3 models produced from April 2024 onwards. The new design makes it even easier to recognize device tampering, has the new UK CA regulatory mark, and also adheres better to the Trezor device. This packaging update provides users with increased peace of mind regarding the authenticity and safety of their purchase.

Original holographic seal design:

Updated holographic seal design (from April 2024):

You can find this information also at Check the authenticity of Trezor Safe 3 packaging and contents

Hi @Joseph_trezor,

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