Hides wallet with password - how to recover?

I am puzzled by the advanced option of the password porfel (hidden walet). That is, I must have a seed and a password.

I assume that I will lose trezor and will not have a new device. Can I recreate the wallet in another way (with metamask or other wallet solutions?) without a problem?

I just see similar topics and they all lead to a page that doesn’t work ! wiki. trezor. io/Apps . What application supports this option?

why this site not work


You can check this unofficial list of (hot and cold) wallets that support BIP39 thus you can recover your wallet using one of them as well:

wiki(dot)trezor(dot)io was our former knowledge base that has been deprecated, that’s why the page that you are trying to access does not exist.
the article that use to be there is now available at: