Hidden wallet won't open in Trezor Wallet app on new computer

Good afternoon!
I have a problem with the Trezor app.
I changed my computer and now I cannot open my hidden wallet in the downloaded application on the new computer. The main thing is that the Myetherwallet web application sees my hidden wallet, but the Trezor application does not. What to do? I enter the passphrase correctly, I checked the seed phrases through Trezor - it confirms them. But the hidden wallet does not open, it writes that it is empty, although in fact in -Myetherwallet it is and is not empty.

Did you enable Ethereum in Suite?

Suite will only look into currencies that are enabled in settings. So if you hold Ethereum, and it is not enabled, Suite will think that the wallet is “empty” because it can’t see any BTC in there.

Thanks a lot! It turned out to open a hidden wallet. Such a simple moment, but it decides a lot. Thank you!