Hidden wallet vs standard

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Just wondering why to use a hidden wallet ? I thought trezor wallet is already secure as noone can’t get to it apart from you . So is it not safe keep in a standard wallet ? As hidden wallet is another extra passwords to remember… just so I understand noone can’t get into your wallet unless they know password or seed phrase , so why have this extra security ?

Suppose, if you lose your trezor device when you go out, the device falls into the hands of a top hacker. Your recovery seed may be extracted, but the coins in your hidden wallet are safe!

How can they know my seed phase? I thought that’s all point it can’t be hacked ?

everything can be hacked as long as the device is in their hands.

OK I understood but they can’t hack seed phase without having my device right ? So having hidden wallet better if they access my device and get seed phase they need ro hack another extra password then ?


You’ll find the answer to your original question in this blog article.

The recovery seed is stored deep in the device and can be extracted by powerful hackers, but the passphrase to open the hidden wallet only participates in the algorithm of sub-wallet generation, and is not stored anywhere in the device, so it is very safe.

Even if you are threatened and forced to surrender the phrase of one of the sub-wallets, the other sub-wallets are safe.

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Thank you :slightly_smiling_face: I got it ! Can I transfer my coins from standard to hidden wallet?

Of course you can. Be sure to save and protect your passphrase like a recovery seed!

So how do I move it there ? Do I just click receive and send to another wallet like I would do ffom exchange or is there more simple way to move between trezor wallets ?

When using a blank hidden wallet, you can copy the first receiving address of btc, then log out, and then enter, and see if the first receiving address of btc is the same as the one copied last time to determine your passphrase if it is wrong.

there is no more simple way. Just use each hidden wallet as a brand new wallet.

Please check our blog post where we describe transferring coins to a newly created passphrase-protected (hidden) wallet: https://blog.trezor.io/passphrase-the-ultimate-protection-for-your-accounts-3a311990925b

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Thank you for being so kind. Your answers are very helpful :slightly_smiling_face: