Hidden wallet passphrase

Hello , I have created hidden passphrase wallet on TrezorT. Then I created accidentally next wallet with same passphrase. So I had two hidden wallets. Hidden wallet 1 and hidden wallet 2. Now I transferred crypto from wallet 2 to wallet 1 I saw it as it arrived. Next day I can only acces wallet 2 which is named hidden wallet 1 and there is written that crypto was transferred yesterday. But as I write passphrase again which should show me next wallet it doesn’t work. Can you help me?

Helping my friend with this problem

That is not what happened. If you enter the same passphrase, you go back to the same wallet.
There’s two options as to what actually happened:

a) You recreated the same wallet again, using the same passphrase. It’s possible that Suite got confused, and opened the same wallet under two different headings, “hidden wallet 1” and “hidden wallet 2”. That’s not what normally happens, but maybe you hit upon a bug.

b) You made a typo and created two wallets using two different passphrases

So you see the coins going out, but not going in?
If that’s the case, they safely arrived at that other passphrase. Try figuring out what sort of typo you might have made, and finding that other wallet.


I think it’s the first scenario because we were two people looking at it. But for now we are trying variations of that passphrase. Anyway thank you for you response.